The House Of Evil Granny

Do you love plots that have just one task for you – to survive? Then you surely need to play this horror entertainment. You will become a character who wakes up in an unknown house. He does not remember how he got there. But soon, the hero learns this is the home of evil granny, an old woman who went literally insane from living alone for years. Now she does not want any guests and is ready to kill everyone who dares to enter her house. So you are in danger and need to run away!

Every minute you risk dying!

You have no gun to shoot the enemy! So what can you do now? You have only one solution – you can run away from here. But first, you need to find and unlock the front door. The exit must be somewhere around, but for you, it will seem like a thousand kilometers to pass. Your enemy, armed with a bloodied baseball bat, will look for you in every corner. Hide from your follower in quiet places, look for the keys and try not to be noisy. You have only several attempts to survive!

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