Evil Nun Schools Out

This horror adventure starts like a cool adventure. You play for a character who dreams to spend his summer vacation at a school camp. So he arrives here without knowing that this is going to be the scariest experience, if he survives at all. And you will play for this personage. The walkthrough will require a lot of courage. Do you have enough of it to dive into this risky entertainment? If so, let’s get started without wasting any more time!

Mislead a cold-blooded killer!

Instead of fun and entertainment, you will find yourself in a terrible trap. It will soon turn out that the school is run by an insane nun. She has been obsessed by some terrible power and is willing to kill now! So you will surely become her next victim if you do not escape! You must explore the house, avoiding the meeting with the monster, and find the exit. The door can be locked, so once you come across the keys, make sure to collect these as well. Time is ticking, and you must hurry up!

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