If you want to go through that thrilling feeling of fear that appears from nowhere and seizes you from toes to head, you should try The Backrooms. This horror game will have only one task for the player – to find an exit from a strange maze. At first glance, nothing seems difficult – just a usual quest where you need to look for a door. But the walkthrough is going to be a really nerve-wracking adventure. Are you still determined to give it try?

Do your best to retain your sanity!

The surrounding looks old and abandoned – yellow wallpaper in retro style, low-hanging dull bulbs, and no furniture. You will keep walking and nothing will change – the same rooms and corridors. At a certain moment, you will feel you are losing your sanity. It seems somebody is tricking you and there is no any exit here. But do not give up! Just be a bit more careful – you will notice some strange objects around. Take time to interact with everything you meet on your way – all hints are hidden there!

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