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Are you a fan of online games? Then you definitely know everything about Roblox, a cool platform for generating 3D fun projects or enjoying the already launched amateur-made games! The only thing you may have missed is some new joyful entertainment. Dozens, if not hundreds, of exciting stories are created here every day, and it is difficult to follow all of them. So, if you have not yet tried Start Survey, it is the right time to enjoy this cool horror adventure! You may be puzzled what is so scary about it?

You are the only player here!

Unlike other Roblox fan-made games, this one does not come with dozens of players as you may have mistakenly think! You will be the only player in Start Survey! So what are you supposed to do here? Everything is simple – and the hint can be found even in the title. You will find yourself alone in the room. Make yourself seated in front of the computer and let the process begin! Look at the screen of the in-game pc – you are invited to pass a special questionnaire. So the first impression the player usually gets is that there is nothing difficult about it. Moreover, they say it will not take you more than 10 minutes to complete it. So why not to give it a try? It is only a cool virtual adventure!

What do you think about questions?

The initial questions you need to response are quite routine – you need to tell some basic things about yourself, your hobbies and various stuff like that. You do not need to expand on these topics. All you need to do is to choose one of two possible responses – yes or no. It seems even easier! But very soon, your enthusiasm will start to disappear. Some queries will literally puzzle you! They become too personal and even too suspicious. It seems like someone is watching you right from behind the screen. Something really weird is happening here. Are you safe? Unfortunately, it seems you cannot be too sure about it. A treacherous feeling of fear will start creeping somewhere deep inside you. Are you going to complete this insane questionnaire safe and sound? Start playing enough to check it out! The ending will surprise you without a doubt! We bet you are intrigued and will not leave the site without testing it!

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