Grandpa & Granny 4

This is a new insane adventure in the house of the granny monster. But this episode will bring you to an entirely new environment – the antagonist now lives in a new dwelling. And there is one more nuance that fully changes the walkthrough – now she has an ally to hunt after you! The evil woman can now rely on the grandpa who is no less scary. Will you manage to run away as you did in previous chapters? Pull your courage together and step forward to new trials!

Enjoy this game with friends!

Do not worry you will not have enough strength to outperform these monsters. This time, you can invite your friends and play together with them. You remember the rules – you will be able to respawn only 5 times. Every time the granny or grandpa catches you, the game is over for you. However, you will have several more attempts to reach the front door. Make sure you also find the keys to unlock it. And try to be as quiet as possible as your enemies will hear the slightest noise!

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