Last Hope

This is a horror adventure where you will confront artificial intelligence. You play for a character that was hired to participate in one weird experiment. Scientists have developed a powerful program, but they still need to calibrate it. So they invite you to go through an interview with the software where you just need to answer a list of questions. It seems more than easy, so you gladly agree.

Will you manage to survive?

The first block of questions was really simple and even did not make you think long. However, the program warns you that the main part begins. Moreover, it tells you something really scary – every time you provide a wrong answer, two people will die. This experiment does not seem exciting any longer, but you cannot stop it now! So will you manage to respond correctly to all the questions? Some of them will be very weird. Start now to see how many people will be killed because of you! And the key point is whether you yourself will remain alive!

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