Start Survey 2

Do you love thrillers and horrors? We know what will really surprise you – Start Survey 2, a cool online game that can scare the hell out of you even if you are a stress-resistant player! And do not expect to see monsters or zombies here. Moreover, there are no deadly traps or bloody fights here. Everything is completely different! Are you keen on learning more about this new entertainment? Then let’s get started!

A little about the plot!

You are not supposed to do anything else except for answering some questions. Lots of players will immediately get upset. No wonder as horror lovers enjoy action, jumpscares and dreadful opponents. Do not worry, you will get enough thrills even in a simple interview with a computer. You do not believe simple questions can be scary enough? Then it is time to start. You will find yourself in a quite ascetic room – a bed, a desk with a pc, and a chair. Sit behind the table and open the computer. You are invited here to answer some questions. No preparation is needed for this task – you will only need to say yes or no to everything you will be asked about. But even so, soon you will feel confused. If the first questions were just about some routines, then further sound more ominous. Are you afraid of darkness? Such things will make your brain work and bring a creepy feeling of risk and danger. Can it be a trap? Or has someone just played an evil joke on you? But you need to continue no matter what.

What do they know about you?

The more questions you receive from a motionless computer, the more you are sure that the interviewer knows something about you. These doubts disappear when the pc instructs you to open the folder on the desk. When you follow this request, you are shocked to see your photos inside. What is going on here? Lots of strange sounds just make the atmosphere more ominous. Will you pull yourself together to complete this nerve-wrecking questionnaire or do you give in? By this time the player gets so nervous that he completely forgets that the virtual interlocutor asks questions not him personally but addresses these to his virtual character. Still, it is too late to overcome this creepy feeling of danger! You will be able to think only about finishing this trial safe and sound! Do not miss this unique horror challenge!

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