Melissa Heart

This cool entertainment is a game in a game. Are you interested to learn more about it? You play for a guy who has learned that he can meet a cool girl via the computer installed in his school library. It looks like a perfect chance to communicate with someone new. So the hero decides to immediately test it and enters this virtual project. Will you join him to help him build a dialog with a nice-looking girl named Melissa?

Will your new acquaintance like you?

The girl on the screen looks really smart and intelligent. And, of course, she is looking for the same partner – talented and artistic. The heroine will have a lot of questions she will ask you. And you need to think well how to respond to these. Every time, you will have several options of answers to choose from. But you never know how your interlocutor will react. Will the girl finally like you or reject you? It all depends on your choices – make these carefully! This game can even have a horrible ending!

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