Start Survey 3

Some horror plots are unique as they do not look like traditional scenarios in this genre. Do you like such projects? Then you are offered to test Start Survey 3, cool nerve-wrecking entertainment that will only take 10 minutes of your time! In return, you will receive an unforgettable experience. Are you ready for it? Then keep reading to find out what you need to do in this story and why exactly it is scary!

Go through the questionnaire!

Do not expect many events in this adventure. It is different to the majority of horror stories you have played. This time, you will find yourself in a dull room with just a bed and a computer desk. Your role is very simple – sit down, click on the pc and respond to a list of questions. What can be easier? But you will be surprised to learn that even such a routine can bring you lots of thrills. Do you still have doubts? Then it is time to delve deeper into this intriguing adventure and enjoy it. Start answering the questions that you see on the screen. Do not worry that you will fail – you do not need to know anything special. All you to do is to select between yes or no. So no worries, just read carefully the question and think well whether you agree or not. At first, the questions are very easy – you just share some details about you. But as you continue, the further questions will unpleasantly surprise you. You may agree that it is not very pleasant to be asked whether you like to stay alone in the darkness.

Will you hold out to the end?

The more you respond, the trickier things appear on the screen. You will undoubtedly start to suspect something. It all does not look like a friendly interview at all. It is very creepy feeling to understand that they know something about you. You will feel really unsafe. But there is no way back, unfortunately. Now you need to complete all the questions, even if some of them make you want to run away! Moreover, weird sounds will force you to startle from time to time. Will you have courage and patience to make it through to the very end? You must have nerves of steel to succeed in this short but quite frightening adventure. Do not worry – there is no good or bad ending in this unusual story, you just need to prove you can handle it to the end! Good luck and enjoy all the thrills!

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